Is there a story you would recommend that's in the same genre as Baby Love?

a pregnancy fic you mean?? hmm i haven’t really read too many actually! but if anyone wanted to rec some, i would be 100% ok with that

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Will you be updating baby love soon bc that's my faaaavvveee fic xxx

probably not for another two weeks sorry!!! i just dont have time :(

omfg leeeeeeesh where the fuck do i get inspiration?? i've tried almost everything and i'm soo sad because i desperately wanna write :'(

i go through the same thing a lot, i know how you feel :( for inspiration, i tend to find watching movies with a similar plot line or character or relationship or whatever else helps me! as well as songs and things like that. having an inspiration blog is great too!!! i have one for all my newer fics and i find it v helpful. 

another thing i do a lot is try and force myself to write bc even though i may not be inspired and it turns out crap most of the time, it’s still something and i can edit it later on. i find that having at least something helps bc then i can often find my groove and continue on

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D300, 16-85 mm

Brighton, UK

u know the insta sets u do on tumblr. right how do u get the writing to come up when u click the pic, but not be there when u dont? idk if that makes sense hehe srry