HEY SO i’ve finished the editing of boys like girls, and it’s all up on 1dff for you to read!!! there wasn’t as many changes as much as i had originally thought i was going to do, but instead it was more just fixing up my typing than anything.

howeverrrr, with that being said, there were some definite changes which are as follows:

  • it is now set in 2015, and the first chapter begins at the end of january. i’ve now included dates at the start of each scene so it becomes easier to tell when each scene is set
  • since i decided that it’s probably much more realistic for harry to be in his house not an apartment (even tho it was because it was being renovated), libby is his neighbour in hampstead heath instead!!! so whatever pictures we have of harry’s house, that’s where he lives!!! if anyone is interested, i can post photos of what i want libby’s to look like as well
  • obviously because it’s in 2015 instead of 2014, harry’s birthday became his 21st instead so yeah
  • the on the road again tour has been pushed back to about april (i think!!! i haven’t finished with my plans yet, so i will fix this when i know), since it was originally planned for 2014 and the wwat, and on the road again starts much earlier in the year. sooo, for strictly fic purposes, i’ve just pushed it back a couple of months

i can’t think of anything else from the top of my mind of what other important changes there are, but if you’re going to reread and find something else, then let me know!!! also, you don’t actually need to reread what i’ve written, you should just be aware of the small changes tho because the chapters are basically the same!!!! just with different settings and a diff year

with that being said, an update shouldn’t be too far away!!!! and that is all ily all bYE <3

Anonymous asked:
I think it's so sad that so many people have something they love be ruined by negative people on tumblr, like whenever I get annoyed or something because a story hasn't been updated in a while i like to remember that writers have a life also and that it takes me like a week to write a 800 word essay. I really admire people (like you) that can write with the quality you do in a limited time. Like regular books take years to write and I think people need to be more appreciative of you guys
justanchorandhope replied:

Thank you! This is really important and people should see it!


fucking sing along!!! part TWO - another random assortment of songs that you kind of have to sing along to….. // listen 

1. i would walk 500 miles - the proclaimers  2. total eclipse of my heart - bonnie tyler 3. come sail away - styx  4.  summer nights - john travolta and olivia newton john 5. in the air tonight - phil collins 6.  the safety dance - men without hats 7. good vibrations - marky mark and the funky bunch 8. i’ll make a man out of you - mulan original soundtrack 9. carry on wayward son - kansas 10. ain’t no mountain high enough - diana ross 11. bye bye bye - ‘n sync 12. bennie and the jets - elton john 13. love shack - the b-52’s 14. respect - aretha franklin 15. blue (da ba dee) - eiffel 65 16. i dont wanna miss a thing - aerosmith 17. ice ice ice baby - vanilla ice 18. barbie girl - aqua 19. the final countdown - europe 20. tubthuming (i get knocked down) - chumbawamba  21. red red wine - ub40  22. (i just) died in your arms tonight - cutting crew 23. my girl - the temptations 24. a thousand miles - vanessa carlton 25. baby got back - sir mix a lot