“I still have dreams about you.”

— A six word story (via mackabees)

How much longer until Flick pops the lil sucker out?

'the lil sucker' omg i just laughed but shes due at the end of april i'm pretty sure, and it's christmas in the fic atm! so a few more months :)

“Acting like you don’t care is not letting it go.”

Penelope Douglas (via chewingdirt)

i really needed to read this tonight 

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i honestly don’t want my placement to end because i love it so much, but i’m looking forward to being able to have time to write again! it’s only been just over a week and i haven’t really written at all, but i have big plans fic wise for the next few weeks. as i’ve said a thousand times, oxford comma will be posted monday (or sunday for americans, also like i always say), baby love will hopefully be updated by the end of next week, and hopefully i get some more of fireflies and boys like girls written soon, too!

so, with that being said, is anyone online and wanna talk to me, no one’s talked to me much lately. i’m sad.

(honestly, that’s how i talk on placement and now i don’t know how to talk off placement omfg. if one of the children isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, we tell them that they’ve made us sad and they don’t like they’ve made us sad. there’s so many great techniques and i could be here all day talking about it, but i won’t. so, bye)

Boys Don’t Cry chapter thirty - alternative reality



Read it here!

Isabel found herself back at the gym later that week trying her best to find her inner calmness or whatever people concentrated on when they ran on a treadmill, but between the pain in her stomach and the burning in her lungs all she could find was a wad of stress that left her body on edge and, rather cruelly, the memory of the day in June she and Harry had stayed in his bed till two in the afternoon, the day he’d left teeth marks that had stayed in a certain spot for weeks.