if you see posts for about 2039293 new fics you can blame niallerthecreator ok shes a bad influence (and encourages me a lot) (but i think i do the same in return so) (also hezranonsense and oxygenstyles have been encouraging me for other fics too) (why am i friends with them) (jk i love them all) (sometimes) (heheheheh)

does the title for like a drum come from that phillip phillips song??

ahhh its not but that is actually a v relevant song!!!! its named after this song tho http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N6O0xI3A2o like just listen to the lyrics and watch the video HOW PERFECT its LITERALLY harry and camilla

are you going to finish banner requests? No rush, of course! Take your time I was just wondering (:

yes i plan to!!! i had opened for requests bc i had 2 weeks break and assumed i would have lots of free time but i got too busy and didnt have as much time as i thought :( if i dont get to them within the next two days, they’ll defs be done friday at least!!!

does Anastasia have an instagram?


so im doing a child care course right so im learning how to care for children and responsibilities and all that crap yes and it constantly gives me ideas for baby love and the sequel (shhhhh) and I have a whole page of fic notes at the end of my book hahaha but I like spend the whole day being rather inspired and wanna write so bad but when I get home im just too tired and lazy to write

it’s such a dilemma

yoooo so im back at tafe today after two weeks break so like before i won’t be answering asks until im home later this afternoon! but still feel free to send me stuff to answer in the mean time (i like coming home to questions hehe esp fic questions bc inspires me to write!!!!)